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My name is Brent. I have been working with people for 35 years coaching, training, and massaging. I love massage and adamantly believe in its healing benefits. I give a intuitive deep tissue massage, we will work together with your body’s needs. My holistic approach creates a restorative and energetically balancing experience that promotes overall feeling of wellness. I look forward to the honor of working with you. On this crazy, wonderful journey called life l have found two teachers that stand above the many ~ Meditation and Plant Medicine. There intrinsic healing benefits are numerous and worthy of careful consideration. I have been blessed with the opportunity to gently facilitate individuals and small groups with this knowledge. They have been paramount in cultivating greater states of awareness, consciousness, empathy, compassion, acceptance, love of self and others in many. I believe this Metanoia team is fully equipped to assist your unique experience with numerous modalities for the evolution of that which exists within. Let the journey begin!



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