Dear souls,

I’m Pam, a devoted yoga teacher with a passion for guiding others on their yoga journey. It was my personal yoga practice that lead me to delve deeper and bore my wish to become a yoga instructor. For my International Yoga Alliance Certifications I completed two 200-hour teacher training courses; one in Ecuador on Tantra yoga, one in India on Kundalini yoga. For the past six years I’ve been sharing my yoga expertise in classes. I started in Ibiza, my home for nine years, and continued after I relocated to mainland Spain in 2019.

Before immersing myself in the world of yoga, I followed several career paths in the Netherlands. A definite highlight was running my own interior design business. In addition, I was involved in Dutch politics. Later, in Ibiza, I first set up a popular bed & breakfast and then a wedding venue. I feel I have always been blessed with business opportunities that I truly enjoyed seizing.

Yoga has been a companion since my youth—a journey that feels like a lifetime. My joy lies in connecting with people, guiding them to activate their bodies and explore inner peace through breath-work and mindfulness.

I’ve actively participated in and facilitated at numerous ceremonies, and am proud to contribute to a strong and trustworthy team dedicated to your well-being. You may rest assured that you’re in capable hands. I’m keen to be your guide and companion on this incredible journey. Together, let’s soar…



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