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I’m Sylvia Ten Kley. I earned my degree in Fine Arts 2D from the Rotterdam Academy, focusing on drawing and printmaking. To deepen my understanding of color use and learn how to guide people through their creative processes, I completed a three-year course in art therapy training.

Since 1997, I have intertwined my own art creation process with teaching students from all walks of life and at all levels of experience, from absolute beginners to established artists. I also work with students with emotional or intellectual challenges, such as dementia. To support my work, I co-founded the Hand&Werk foundation. Today, I manage the Hand&Werk studio in Leiden, offering classes and workshops both inside the studio and at various locations such as schools, botanical gardens, and museums.

For the Inner Art Retreat Program, I intend to guide you in making a leporello. This beautiful and fitting medium allows you to express what is inside you or what you see around you. Creating a leporello requires no particular skill set or prior experience with art creation. It can serve as a visual diary of your retreat or represent anything else you wish. The process will unfold itself through you.

The leporello is a manageable format that you can safely take home after the retreat. If it needs finishing at home, the materials are easy to find. Alternatively, for a small fee, you can bring home all the materials you need to continue working on your leporello. For more information please visit Sylvia ten Kley and Hand & Werk. Examples of leporellos and of my work are available on these websites.


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