The Metanoia Magic Truffle Ceremony

For Whom?

A magic truffle ceremony is not for everyone. Pregnant women and those under 18 are advised to refrain from participating. Additionally, individuals on certain medications or dealing with health conditions may not be suitable candidates. Please contact us if you have any doubts.


Magic truffles, often referred to as sacred or magic fungi, embody a potent and revered history deeply woven into ceremonial and spiritual practices. Like San Pedro and Ayahuasca, these truffles are gateways to altered states of consciousness. They facilitate profound introspection, self-discovery and spiritual connectivity through their active compound, psilocybin. Magic truffles orchestrate a journey into the recesses of one’s psyche, fostering heightened sensory experiences and inner revelations.


The Metanoia Magic Truffle Ceremony serves as an avenue for inner exploration. The truffles themselves are considered the guides for the inner journey. In a practical sense, participants ingest the truffles, and remain in a secure and nurturing space, while experienced facilitators provide the necessary support and guidance.

Preparation: set and setting

Every journey with a sacred teacher plant starts with the proper preparation. It’s all about the right set and setting. Metanoia offers the right setting for a transformative journey: a peaceful location, a loving atmosphere and experienced guides. What our participants need to bring to the ceremony is the right mindset: if they arrive with clarity and focus, intention and respect, their journey will be the most fruitful. Part of the participants’ preparation phase is filling out an intake form detailing experience with plant medicine, health status, intentions and lifestyle. Some dietary adjustments may be required; lack of preparation can diminish the depth of the experience or render it uncomfortable. While the truffles are not as stringent as Mother Ayahuasca or Grandfather San Pedro, respecting the rituals sets the tone for a transformative journey. So let’s do it right from the start! Optimal preparation involves arriving well-rested, motivated, attentive, and in a cleansed state.

The Ceremony

The magic truffle ceremony follows the kundalini and cacao ceremonies, and precedes the San Pedro. This is done for good reasons, allowing the transformative journey to unfold over several days, while participants engage in various experiences and phases of introspection.

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