Yoga with Pam

Your transformative Metanoia inner journey retreat includes daily yoga classes for your pleasure and process. This time, our yoga experience will be centred around restorative yoga, inspired by the ancient Tantra yoga that I learned during my Yoga Teacher Training in Ecuador. This form of restorative yoga is suitable for everybody and every body; no prior experience is needed to benefit from our classes. All you need to bring is a smileā€¦

Anticipate deep stretching that engages muscles you might have forgotten you have and enjoy discovering the strengths and limits of your body. Breathing will be primarily guided, as one of the common mistakes is holding the breath while attempting a pose.

Collaborating with your breath is essential to delve deeper into a pose and deeper into yourself. I will be there, beside you, to assist you where and when needed. A brief guided meditation is also part of our classes, promoting relaxation and connection with your inner Buddha, as you transition from movement to stillness.

As a result, your body will become stronger and more flexible.

I look forward to meeting you on your yoga mat, and guiding your process safely during your Metanoia Retreat.

  • Remember to breathe
  • Remember to love, and
  • Remember to laugh


Yoga with Pam

The Metanoia Osho Kundalini Meditation


The Metanoia San Pedro Ceremony

San Pedro Ceremony

The Metanoia Magic Truffle Ceremony

The Metanoia Magic Truffle Ceremony

The Metanoia Ceremonial Cacao

Cacao Ceremonial

EFT tapping with Ping

Ping and EFT

What About the Food?

What about the food?

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